Architectural Leadership

Architectural Leadership Program

About the Program

The competency and expertise of the senior software architects is fast becoming the key differentiating factor for growth oriented IT organizations. MGAIT’s Architectural Leadership Program is designed to empower the senior technical staff of an organization and help them scale greater heights of excellence. Furthermore, it helps identify potential leaders and equips them with an understanding the market and different phases of a product life cycle. The program modules are industry specific and the duration of the program ranges from 6-12 months.


Modes of Delivery

The program is divided into two phases, the development phase and the intervention phase. The first phase includes a 360 degree feedback approach based on a structured interview. The questions asked are based on the competencies and interests of the organization. The intervention phase involves developing three important skills which are leadership, engineering and functional skills through various modules under each skill matrix. The lectures are activity based and include participation and introspection. The program is delivered by industry experts and real time practitioners.



  • Motivate and increase engagement of the technical staff
  • Create a strong pipeline of technical talent for the company to bank upon in the future
  • Build capability to navigate through internal organizational challenges
  • Imbibe a critical thinking and creative approach in work.



The program is spread across 6 – 12 months based on the client requirement. Classes are taken twice a month.


This course is suitable for

  • Aspiring architects with a minimum of 8 years of relevant experience
  • IT organizations focused on building strong Architecture talent pool.

veda srinivasan

Veda Srinivasan, Director - Talent and Strategy and Development, Dell


I met Team Manipal (both management and faculty) at a conference, and the first thing that struck me was their professionalism and expertise. Their friendliness further encouraged me to engage with them. Among all the institutions offering Architecture programs, with equally qualified and experienced faculty, Manipal stood out because of its ability to quickly grasp the system complexity and our expectations. Manipal has an impeccable blend of technical as well as business understanding. Practitioners who understand the academic side of training is always a big advantage.


Manipal’s flexibility and openness to feedback added further value to their program delivery. Despite having a great curriculum to begin with, the team was flexible about accommodating changes as and when required. There were times when they themselves raised requests to relook into the program design and delivery details based on our requirements and participant profiles. The faculty members are very understanding and extremely receptive to feedback. I have seen great resilience more than once!


Manipal programs have been incredibly successful. Reporting managers of the participants as well as the leadership team agree that the participants have been able to take on larger roles and responsibilities following the training program. The high success rates of the programs has made Manipal an integral part of EMC’s learning initiatives and therefore the Architecture Leadership Program continues to remain an important priority for us. Endorsements from senior management and the leadership team shows how comfortable we are with this engagement, and we truly value the synergy created by this relationship