FAQs for Finishing School

FAQs for Finishing School

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program fee for IT Finishing School?

What is the refund policy for IT Finishing school?

What is the duration of the Finishing School program?

How many days in a week would the classes for IT Finishing School be conducted?

How will the Finishing School enhance my skills or benefit my career?

Why should I undergo this program with MGAIT?

What is the job guarantee for a candidate after completion of the program?

How can you guarantee that you will refund 50% of the fees if I do not get placed?

What are the facilities provided in the classroom of IT Finishing School?

What are the facilities provided in hostels during the program?

What does the IT Finishing School program fee comprises of? Is the transportation fee part of the program fee?

What are the key learning during the course of IT Finishing School?

What are the different teaching methodologies for the IT Finishing School?

Will I get a certificate at the end of the IT Finishing School?