FAQs for Product Management

FAQs for Product Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of Post Graduate Diploma in Product Management program?

Who are eligible for this program? Is there any entrance Examination conducted?

What is the selection process for the program?

When and how will the online admission assessments be conducted?

What would be the program fee for Product Management?

What is included in the course fee?

Is there an availability of financial support, like loans?

Is the payment one time or instalment based?

Are there any scholarships available?

If I choose to withdraw my application for admission, will I get a total fee refund?

Where do the programs take place?

What is the Program Structure?

How does the learning happen in this program?

Will there be assessments and grading?

Will the Candidate get a certificate from Manipal University Directly?

What kind of projects will I be expected to work on?

What is the difference between Internship and Project?

I am not based out of Bangalore, Can I enrol for this course?

Can I visit the Academy to know more about the program and faculty?

Is this program AICTE approved? What does it mean?

Is PGDPM UGC certified?

How is this program different from an MBA program?

Is this program similar to EMBA?

There are private deemed universities that offer EMBA. How do others offer if not UGC approved?

I would like to pursue MPhil or PhD that will require a post graduate program. Is PGDM considered a post graduate program?

What is the commitment expected for this product management certification program?