Associate Android<sup>TM</sup> App Developer Program <br> (AADP)


  • APPROVED CURRICULUM: Approved curriculum for you to successfully complete the Associate Android Developer Certification exam conducted by Google.
  • GOOGLE AUTHORISED TRAINING PARTNER: We are the Authorized Android Training Partner of Google to prepare you for the Associate Android Developer Certification and a career in Android development.
  • GET CERTIFIED BY GOOGLE: Associate Android Developer Certificate will be awarded after successfully completing the certification exam conducted by Google.


  • EXPERT FACULTY: Classroom sessions by the best Android Faculty in the country with years of training and App development experience.
  • LEARNING METHODOLOGY: Intensive classroom sessions conducted on weekends by Manipal Global Academy of Information Technology (MGAIT), including hands-on sessions supervized by expert faculty.
  • PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: Placement assistance is provided to all the learners who successfully qualify the Associate Android Developer Certification exam conducted by Google.
  • CAREER PROSPECTS: A key element of the digital age is going Mobile, a critical part of SMAC revolution - this program will enable a developer to build a career around Mobile App Development.


  • IT Professionals, with 1 year of programming experience, looking to build a career in Mobile App Development
  • Software Engineers, with 1 year of programming experience.
  • Programmers, Developers looking for great career in Android App development.


  • Strengthen Android Application Development Skills
  • Conversant with Android Studio to develop a variety of mobile applications
  • Comprehensive knowledge on mobile application development, including advanced concepts such as Graphics, Maps, Security, Multimedia, Services, Testing and Debugging, etc.
  • Train to successfully complete the Associate Android Developer Certification exam



Introduction to Android Development

Installing Android Studio and Creating Android Application

Introduction to Gradle

Activities and Intents

Understanding Activity Lifecycle

Learning on Activity Stack and Navigation in Android Activity

Activity with Explicit Intents and Implicit Intents

User Interface

User Interface Controls 

Menu and Dialog

List, View and Layout

Delightful User Experience

Defining Styles and Themes

Understanding Style Inheritance

Events and Event Management

Data - Saving, Retrieving, Loading

Storing and Retrieving Data

SQLite Database 

Content and Content Providers 

Integration with Web Services

Introduction to Web Services

Building, Publishing and Accessing Web Services

RESTful Web Services

Testing & Debugging

Testing UI and Android App

Using Expresso Framework

Debugging using Logcat in Android, UI Automator

Advanced Topics 

Resources, Multimedia and Location Based Services

Material Design & Search

Advanced Concepts, Hardware and Multiple Form Factors

Background Tasks and Events

Services and IPC (Inter-process Communication)

Broadcasting & Broadcast Receivers

Background processing with Handlers, AsyncTask and Loaders

Polish and Publish

Widgets, Fragment

Publishing and Licensing

Security and Permission


The Program Fee for Associate Android App Development Program is Rs. 20,000.