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Architect readiness program

Architecture Readiness Program (ARP) is Manipal Global Education Services’ training program for Information Technology professionals pursuing to enhance and qualify their career in the field of enterprise architecture. This Instructor-led face-to-face program is geared to ensure that the participants are equipped with functional, leadership and professional competencies that helps in establishing themselves as TOGAF certified Enterprise Architects. Architecture Readiness Program is an accredited TOGAF Training Course, that is in full conformance with that of The Open Group’s TOGAF Certifications - TOGAF 9.1 Foundation Certification (Level 1) and TOGAF 9.1 Certified Certification (Level 2).


If you are looking for establishing yourself in the career path of Architecture – Data, Application, Technology, Solution or Enterprise:

  • You will be equipped with knowledge, technical and professional competencies
  • You will gather comprehensive and industry oriented technical and technological knowledge and skills for building next generation enterprise applications.
  • You will be able to understand and unravel complexities of enterprise application development and familiarize yourself with different domains, processes, models and methodologies
  • You will be able to understand the objectives of the online TOGAF Certification examinations (Level 1 and Level 2) and familiarize yourself on different topics to successfully clear them.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will learn on the different facets of enterprise architecture – Domains, Methods, Guidelines and Techniques, and Capability building aspects of enterprise architecture.
  • Participants will be able to develop compétence in the Functional, Professional and Leadership aspects in order to  play the role of an Entreprise Architect.
  • Participants will learn to equip themselves with all the necessary aspects – breadth, width and depth of enterprise architecture, and its requirements.
  • Participants can prepare to successfully attempt the Open Group’s online Certification exams with confidence and rigor.


Who Should Attend

  • Candidates interested in pursuing IT Architecture oriented career.
  • Professionals actively engaged in architecting enterprise level applications.
  • Candidates keen on qualifying in ‘The Open Group’, TOGAF 9.1 Foundation and TOGAF 9.1 Certified Certifications.

Duration of the Course

This is an online course of 32 hours for Web ILT and 40 hours of Face-to-Face ILT with the following breakup:



Time Spent (hrs.)

Read Learner Handbook




Reading material

60 (pre-read+ content)

Online quizzes/exercises


Demos & Projects







The ARP has three stages of learning for an aspiring architect:

Stage I: Practitioner

Stage II: Expert

Stage III: Guru


Practitioner stage:

  • For professionals with 3+ years of experience in the IT industry and no prior TOGAF ® 9.1 certification
  • The practitioner stage will enable you to become a software designer and to successfully complete the TOGAF ® 9.1 foundation level


Expert stage:

  • For professionals who have completed the Practitioner level or for professionals with 5+ years of experience in the IT industry or for professionals who have completed TOGAF ® 9.1 foundation level
  • The expert stage will enable you to become an architect and to successfully complete TOGAF ® 9.1 certified level


Guru stage:

  • For professionals who have completed the Expert level and both levels of TOGAF ® 9.1 certification
  • Will enable you to become a successful architect with increased focus on developing your leadership and professional competencies
  • Also includes an extensive live project during which you will be mentored by senior architects from the industry

Unit No.

Unit Name

Topics Covered

TOGAF 9 Certifications – Leve 1 and Level 2



What is Architecture?

Basic Concepts of TOGAF

Core Concepts of TOGAF

Definitions of Terminologies

TOGAF Certification Exam Details


Architecture Development Method

Preliminary Phase

Architecture Vision Phase

Domain Phases

Opportunities and Solutions Phase

Migration Planning Phase

Implementation phase

Architecture Change Management Phase

Architecture Requirements Management Phase


ADM Guidelines and Techniques

Applying ADM across Architecture Landscape

Security Architecture and ADM

Using TOGAF to define and govern SOAs

Architecture principles

Stakeholder Management

Business Scenarios

Gap Analysis

Migration Planning Techniques

Interoperability Requirements, Risk Management and other techniques


Architecture Content Framework

Content Metamodel

Architectural Artifacts

Architecture Deliverables

Building Blocks


Enterprise Continuum and Tools


Enterprise Continuum

Architecture Partitioning

Architecture Repository

Tools for Architecture Development


Reference Models

Foundation Architecture – TRM



Architecture Capability Framework


Architecture Capability

Architecture Board

Architecture Compliance

Architecture Contracts

Architecture Governance

Architecture Maturity Models

Architecture Skills Framework


  • Faculty comprises of practitioners from  expertise
  • Project driven pedagogy
  • Curriculum benchmarked with the best in the world
  • State-of-art  infrastructure with an ‘architectect's studio’ – an Innovation Center
  • The ARP course has been accredited by ‘The Open Group’ (the course content, process and pedagogy)